• Abnormal Forging

    Abnormal Forging

    Special-shaped forgings
    I. product introduction
    Special-shaped forgings are not ordinary forgings with different special-shaped forgings. Instead, they are forged according to the needs of machinery. Special-shaped forgings are widely used, because the parts of machinery are not completely regular in shape, but there are some special parts. Special-shaped forgings with ordinary forgings are to be carried out in the high temperature forging, so you can change the shape of the metal particles and tightness, which is able to change the density of the metal by the method of forging, increase the density of the metal at the time of use is not only the weight change, but also changed the hardness of the metal, usually by forging metal hardness has greatly increased. However, some metals become more brittle after being forged. Such metals do not bear great pressure when being used, but break when the pressure is too great. The special-shaped forgings usually adopt the method of free forging, because the shape is not special specification, so free forging can well reflect the advantages of forging.
    2. Product parameters
    In the forging process of special-shaped forgings, free forging is generally adopted. Since the shape is not special, free forging can well reflect the advantages of forging without specific shape.
    Iii. Product advantages
    1) wide weight range. Forgings can range from a few grams to a few hundred tons.
    2) higher quality than casting. Forgings have better mechanical properties than castings, and can withstand large impact forces and other heavy loads. Therefore, forgings are used for some important and stressed parts.
    Forgings are of better quality than rolling for high carbide steel. Such as high-speed steel rolling (or forging) only after the change to meet the use requirements. In particular, HSS milling cutters must be forged.
    3) least weight. Under the premise of ensuring the design strength, the forging is lighter than the casting, which reduces the weight of the machine itself, which is of great significance for vehicles, aircraft, vehicles and airborne instruments.
    4) save raw materials. For example, the static weight of 17kg crankshaft used on the car, the use of rolling cutting forging, chip to account for the weight of the crankshaft 189%, and the use of die forging, chip only accounted for 30%, also shorten the machining time 1/6.
    Precision forging forgings, not only can save more raw materials, but also can save more machining hours.
    5) high productivity. For example, two hot die forging press die forging radial thrust bearing can replace 30 automatic cutting machine tools. When M24 nut is produced by the head forging automaton, the productivity of the six-axis automatic lathe is 17.5 times.
    6) free forging is flexible, so forging is widely used in some repair factories to produce various parts.

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    Shaft Sleeve

    Shaft Sleeve

    Shaft sleeve
    I. product introduction
    The shaft sleeve is a cylindrical mechanical part on the rotating shaft, which is a part of the sliding bearing. Generally speaking, the shaft sleeve and bearing block with interference fit, and the shaft with clearance fit.
    Shaft sleeve means the sleeve on the propeller shaft or stern shaft. The bearing is in the process of mechanical transmission from the fixed and reduce the load friction coefficient components.
    The similarity between the sleeve and the bearing is that both bear the load of the shaft.
    The difference between the two is that the shaft sleeve is a whole structure, rotation is the relative movement between the shaft and the shaft sleeve; The bearing is a split type, rotation is the bearing itself inside and outside the ring relative motion. But in essence, the shaft sleeve is a kind of sliding bearing.
    The bearing bush is equivalent to the outer ring of sliding bearing, the bearing bush is integral, and relative to the shaft is moving, and the bearing bush has some pieces, relative to the shaft is rotating.
    In the LEGO Mindstorms series and BioTrans RoSys series robot components, the axle sleeve refers to the silver gray high standard axle holder, which can be divided into full axle sleeve and 1/2 axle sleeve.
    2. Product parameters
    (1) part material: 45 steel. Good machinability.
    (2) the surface of the parts: cylindrical surface (Φ 33, 35, 50), the inner surface (Φ 31.5, 20.5), type hole, two end face, inner and outer surface steps, internal and external relief groove, internal and external chamfering.
    (3) the main surface analysis: Φ 20.5 inner hole is not only supporting other parts of the bearing surface, is also the main datum of this part; Φ 50 cylindrical and steps of surface is also used to support other parts.
    (4) the main technical conditions: Φ 50 cylindrical and Φ 20.5 inner hole alignment control within 0.03 mm; The steps and Φ 20.5 verticality control of inner hole in Φ 44 inner hole size tolerance of itself for mm; Roughness Ra0.8 mu; Heat treatment hardness of parts HRC50 ~ 55.

    Iii. Product advantages
    It can not only shock absorption, corrosion resistance, but also can be isolated from toxic media, increase the service life of the bearing. However, it is mainly used for sliding bearing, it can use the bearing to bear a greater load, coupled with lubricating oil, is the best partner of the parts of the mechanical parts, especially large, heavy machinery equipment applications. In order to keep the gear shaft from shifting due to vibration, a copper bushing is used to fix it. Therefore, the important role of copper shaft sleeve in the machine is to fix and position. Another function of the copper bushing is that of the sliding bearing. In order to save cost, the thickness of the bushing should be designed according to the axial load of the bearing. In fact, the copper shaft sleeve is also a sliding bearing. In some low speed, clearance requirements are higher occasions can be used instead of rolling bearing. The copper shaft sleeve is very wear-resistant and can be used for a long time, so it saves the cost to a great extent.

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