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Ring Forging

1.Ring forging is a type of forging process used in the industrial sector.
2.By applying external forces, ring forging creates fine grain structures and improves metal properties.
3.The process of ring forging eliminates porosity and holes, enhancing the mechanical properties of the metal.

Ring Forging

Ring Forging

Ring forging is a product of the forging industry, commonly used to create various ring-shaped objects. It involves applying external forces to a blank metal, excluding plates, to achieve plastic deformation and mold it into a suitable compression force ring. This process can be achieved using a hammer or pressure. The result of the forging process is a fine-grained structure, which enhances the physical properties of the metal used.

Product Features

  • Industrial-grade ring forging

  • Enhances mechanical properties of metal

  • Eliminates porosity and holes

  • Allows for dimensional tolerance control

  • Reduces the amount of car processing

  • Can be used for bearing and ring flange production


  • Material: Metal

  • Process: Forging and deforming metal blank

  • Application: Used in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing

  • Dimensions: Customizable based on requirements

How it Works

Ring forging involves heating the raw materials in a furnace and then using forging tools on a variety of forging equipment. The machine forging process can be classified into different categories, including free forging, model forging, die forging, and special forging, depending on the equipment and tools used. Operators carefully monitor the forging size in real-time and control the forging temperature using an infrared thermometer. The result is a high-quality ring forging that meets stringent industry standards.


Q: What industries commonly use ring forging? A: Ring forging is widely used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing.

Q: How does ring forging improve the mechanical properties of metal? A: By applying pressure and plastic deformation, ring forging eliminates porosity and holes in the metal, resulting in improved mechanical properties.

Q: Can the dimensions of ring forgings be customized? A: Yes, the dimensions of ring forgings can be customized based on specific requirements.

Q: What is the advantage of ring forging in reducing car processing? A: Ring forging allows for dimensional tolerance control, which reduces the need for additional car processing, saving time and costs.

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